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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Ulnar Tunnel Syndrome

Ulnar tunnel syndrome is an uncommon cause of pain and numbness in the hand.  There are three main nerves of the hand; the median nerve, the radial nerve and the ulnar nerve.  The ulnar nerve supplies sensation to the 5th finger and one half of the 4th finger.  Compression of the ulnar nerve can also […]

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome is a cause of pain and weakness in the arm due to compression of the ulnar nerve near the “funny bone”.  The symptoms of cubital tunnel syndrome include tingling in the pinky and ring finger, weakness of the hand grip and a claw-like deformity of the hand.  Wartenberg’s sign is an indication […]

Anterior Interosseous Syndrome

  The Anterior Interosseous Syndrome is a painful condition of the forearm.  The anterior interosseous nerve is a branch of the median nerve, located just distal to the elbow.  This nerve will be compressed by tendons and nerves in the forearm, particularly the pronator teres muscle or by abnormal blood vessels in the area.  The […]

Radial Tunnel Syndrome

Radial Tunnel Syndrome is a painful condition of the arm and hand.  It is caused by entrapment of the radial nerve by a number of different potential problems, such as fibrous tissue, abnormal blood vessels and muscles.  As the nerves exit the spinal cord in the neck, its roots form the radial nerve.  The radial […]

Cubital Bursitis

Cubital Bursitis is an uncommon painful problem occurring on the front of the elbow around the antecubital fossa.  A bursa is a sac of tissue which may contain fluid or fat that aids in protection and lubrication of joints and tendons.  Bursitis is an inflammation of that sac.  The most common cause of cubital bursitis […]