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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Post Mastectomy Pain

Post Mastectomy Pain is a chronic pain that occurs after surgery for breast cancer.  Anywhere from 20-68% of mastectomy patients may experience this painful condition.  It occurs more often when surgery includes the upper and outer quadrants of the breast.  It is also more likely to occur if surgery is done in the axilla, and […]

Sternoclavicular Syndrome

The sternoclavicular joint is the articulation of the sternum (breastbone) and the clavicle in the upper chest area.  Because this joint moves with almost every motion of the shoulder, it is a very frequently used articulation.  Although sternoclavicular syndrome is an uncommon cause of pain in the chest and shoulder, it can be confused with […]

Devil’s Grip

Devil’s Grip is an unusual cause of chest pain.  The cocksackie virus is the cause of devil’s grip and can manifest as  mild flu-like symptoms or a severe case causing pleurisy.  The virus can cause headache and myalgia but may also cause severe chest wall pain or upper abdominal pain.  The disease, also known as […]

Glomus Tumor

The glomus tumor is a rare benign neoplasm that arises from the neuroarterial structure called a glomus body, which accounts for 1 % to 4.5 % of tumors in the hand.  The average age at presentation is from 30 to 50 years of age, although can occur at any age. Typical time from onset of […]