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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Temporal Arteritis

Temporal arteritis is an inflammatory disease of the blood vessels.  The most common vessel involved is the superficial temporal artery on the side of the head.  The disease starts after about age 50 and affects women much more than men.  The most common symptom of temporal arteritis is headache.  The headache is usually located on […]

Cough Headache

  Cough headache is a headache associated with coughing and other types of straining such as sneezing, laughing, crying, blowing your nose or any type of valsalva maneuver.  These headaches are divided into two types; Primary and Secondary.  Primary cough headaches are benign.  They have a male predilection and usually occur in ages of 50-60 […]

Sexual Headache

    SEXUAL HEADACHE Sexual headache is a headache that occurs during sexual activity.  The headache may begin as a dull ache during sex, peak during orgasm and abate after sexual activity has stopped.  It is described as aching in character beginning in the occipital area.  Sexual headache may also occur quickly around the time […]

Paroxysmal Hemicrania

CHRONIC PAROXYSMAL HEMICRANIA Chronic Paroxysmal Hemicrania is a severe headache that occurs on one side of the face and effects mainly the area around the eye.  The attacks last from 2-45 minutes and occur at least 5 times in a day.  The attacks are usually associated with redness of the eyes, tearing, nasal congestion and […]