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Yearly Archives: 2016

Tibiofibular pain

  Tibiofibular pain is an uncommon cause of pain on the outside of the knee joint.  The tibia and fibula are two bones that support the lower leg.  There is a joint that forms between those two bones.  This joint may communicate with the knee joint and diseases that affect the knee may also affect […]

Adductor Tendinitis

Adductor Tendinitis is a painful problem in the hip that usually occurs with sports injuries or injuries occurring using gym equipment.  The adductor group of muscles includes the adductor magnus, minimus, brevis, and longus as well as the gracilis and pectineus.  During exercise or sports, these muscles can become stretched and injured.  The junction between the […]

Saphenous Neuralgia

Saphenous Neuralgia is an uncommon nerve problem that causes pain on the inside of the knee.  It is a branch of the femoral nerve with contributions from the L3 and L4 nerve root.  The pain from saphenous neuralgia is described as burning, is located on the medial (inside) portion of the leg and is often […]

Obturator Neuralgia

Obturator Neuralgia is an uncommon painful condition of the inside of the thigh.  It is caused by injury or compression of the obturator nerve.  The obturator nerve originals from the L2, L3 and L4 nerve roots of the spine.  The obturator nerve descends through a hole called the obturator foramen in the pelvis and then […]

Femoral Neuropathy

Femoral Neuropathy is a disease of the femoral nerve, a very large nerve in the leg.  This nerve controls the quadriceps muscle and causes difficulty in walking.  The nerve can be damaged by compression, trauma or metabolic causes.  The motor portion of the femoral nerve governs knee extension and hip flexion.  The sensory portion of […]