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A bunion is a swelling over the big toe combined with an angulation of the toe.  The problem is called Hallux Valgus and occurs more commonly in females.  The most common cause of a bunion is wearing shoes that are too tight.  The pain is localized to the joint that is involved and is worsened by walking and relieved by rest.  There may be swelling or redness around the joint.  The motion of the joint may be limited.  X-rays are useful to confirm the diagnosis.  The initial therapy includes mild analgesics such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatories , heat, ice and physical therapy.  Obviously, the continued wearing of poorly fitting narrow shoes will exacerbate the problem.  Injection into the area of a dilute solution of a local anesthetic and a steroid may alleviate some of the pain.  In severe cases, surgery on the bunion may be necessary.

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